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The Third Culture Bakery caters to an ever-expanding client base with freshly baked mochi pastries and matcha drinks, but the scope of this company extends well beyond food service. These sweets help to maintain and celebrate culture while also fostering feelings of love and acceptance among those who partake. Third Culture Bakery's first location, a showroom in West Berkeley, debuted in 2018, and since then the company has grown to form relationships with many of the best coffee shops in the California Bay Area in order to provide its famous pastries to customers who just cannot get enough. The history of the Third Culture Bakery starts with a couple's passionate love affair.

In Berkeley, Third Culture Bakery chef Sam Butarbutar had a chance encounter with Wenter Shyu, who ultimately became his significant other. In 2016, they came to the conclusion that opening a bakery would be the best way to pay homage to the baked goods that they had experienced in Indonesia and Taiwan during their childhoods. Sam cherishes the positive memories he has with his estranged mother by basing their trademark dish on an Indonesian dessert that his mother prepared. Sam and his mother have a strained relationship.

The two started the company out of love for one another, but the reality of life led to tough scheduling. They maintained business relationships with six wholesale coffee shops in order to provide them with the now-famous mochi muffins. While Wenter was employed full-time, Sam was in the kitchen baking all day. They made the delivery of the pastries to their wholesale clients throughout the night, and in most cases, when they completed their deliveries, they saw the sun rise.